Reviews and Articles

National Post-December 2, 1999
by Joe Fiorito

"Cu'Fu is what's good for you... it resonates."

The Edmonton Journal-April 23, 1999
by Liz Nicholls

"Call him the Sicilian Spalding Gray, perhaps, or the Hamilton Mark Twain."

The Spectator-October 18, 1996
by Jeff Mahoney

"It is by turns achingly tender and deliriously funny, with the versatile Chiarelli jumping in and out of several skins..."

Vancouver Sun-November 4, 1999

"...narrative delights... featuring Charly Chiarelli's Sicilian shenanigans, ..."

East Toronto Community News-June 3, 1999
by Terry Brackett

"Charly Chiarelli elevates the spoken word into a spellbinding journey."

Vue Weekly-April 29-May 5, 1999
by Paul Matwychuk

"Cu'Fu? a lulu - The family of storyteller Calogero (Charly) Chiarelli may not have had much money, but they have provided him with a wealth of good theatrical material."

Ottawa X Press-March 1999
by Kirstin Endemann

"It was a delightful peek into a fascinating life and family. Whether or not Italian is your forte, this play will make you guffaw with laughter and touch your hearth."

Arts Watch-April 1999
by Anita Euteneier

"...Chiarelli takes the audience on a comedic and poignant journey of cultural assimilation."

Vue Weekly-April 22-April 28, 1999
by Paul Matwychuk

"...Chiarelli's meaning is always perfectly clear. This is a show that touches all the bases, ..,"

The Examiner-November 12, 1998
"Charly's harmonica playing ripples trough the scenes of this intensely personal story of cultural transplantation..."

The Hamilton Spectator-August 27, 1998
by Gina Monaco

"...Chiarelli weaves a heart warming tale that transcends all ages."

The Recorder and Times-April 13, 1998

"Area residents are in for a treat with a unique performance..."

The Forester-February 11, 1998
by Mel Malton

"...the setting celebrates life and love, peopled with characters that come to life through Chiarelli's deliciously funny delivery."

Now Magazine-May 15, 1997
by Jon Kaplan

"Chiarelli's charm is a strength of the show, as is his mean blues harmonica playing."

Kingston Whig Standard-August 9, 1997
by Greg Burliuk

"One-man show is funny, touching and eloquent - Charly Chiarelli is a master storyteller with boundless energy."

Kingston This Week-May 21, 1997
by Rita McGrattan

"...deserves all its glowing reports. This is a wonderful evening full of warmth, laughter and sadness..."

Now Magazine-December 12, 1996
by Jon Kaplan

"The personal note that can make storytelling resonate infuses Cu'Fu?."

Uptown-April 25. 1997

"Cu Fu? is one of those rare experiences which takes us across a broad spectrum of emotions and which simultaneously enriches our souls and intensifies our desire to live life to the fullest..."

Pippin-March 1997
by Dan Yashinsky

"...he paints a bitter sweet portrait of a childhood that straddled two cultures - a Sicily of lemons, olives and back breaking poverty, and North America of snow, steel mills, and urban survival."

Artword Theatre News-November 1996

"The response to our show Cu'Fu? by Calogero (Charly) Chiarelli has been overwhelming. A warm, wonderful and supportive audience has found the show. People are coming three and four times, bringing a bigger group each time,..."

Corriere Canadese-April 27, 1996

"In his touching and bitter sweet one-person show, Calogero (Charly) Chiarelli bravely exposes a different reality - his own."

Pic Press-November 1995
by Sandra Jass

"With seat-clasping precision, we are steered through hospital room family meetings, to university pot-smoking melees, to childhood encounters with the Welfare Workers."